Write For Us

Why should you write for Unsung Tales?

1) Unsung Tales focuses exclusively on unpublished writers or writers who are publishing themselves (this includes hybrid authors). It’s a great way to get your name out there, side-by-side with a lot of other wonderful authors. A reader who buys an issue of Unsung Tales for a story by a writer they follow can also discover you right along with them.

2) Because our main focus will be on electronic releases, publishing with Unsung Tales means we can link directly from your bio line to your author website, social media pages, newsletter, amazon address, or latest release. Readers who love what you write here can instantly discover everything else you have written.

3) Unsung Tales is a new start-up, and as such cannot offer monetary compensation at this time. However, we believe the advantages of having your work out there side-by-side with others, giving readers direct access to your other published work, more than makes up for this. We hope to offer compensation in the future, but the project must first become a viable option.

4) One story out of every issue will be chosen for publication by Brackburn Publishing, for which we offer a 50% royalty, plus you retain the rights to the story to reprint and republish anywhere else you like.