Submission Requirements

Thank you for wanting to submit your story to Unsung Tales. Please be sure to take into account all of the submission requirements below, otherwise your submission will be rejected out-of-hand. You would be surprised how many writers don’t follow instructions when it comes to manuscript submission.

We may all be indie authors here, but if we are to reverse the stereotypes associated with independent publishing, we are all going to have to adopt a personae of professionalism. This is why here at Brackburn Publishing we are committed to publishing only the best stories we can find, with the highest standards of cover design and interior layout.

Submission Requirements

1) Please submit only completed stories that represent the best of your work. Unsung Tales is not the place to throw out a poorly written, incomplete, or sloppily-edited manuscript on a wing and a shrug. Our interest lies with quality, professional work. Have respect for our time, and for your own writing.

2) Please submit stories between 2,000 and 10,000 words only. Unsung Tales does not publish anything shorter or longer than this. Brackburn Publishing does not publish novels, so don’t submit them.

3) You must be currently unpublished or actively selling your work independently from a publisher to be eligible for publication at Unsung Tales, as our focus is on indie authors. You may also have professionally published work (either long or short fiction), but you must also be publishing yourself. In other words, hybrid writers (those who do both independent and profession publishing) are welcome to submit as well.

4) Please only submit stories of the appropriate genre. Each issue of Unsung Tales focuses on a different theme, genre, or setting. Take the time to ensure that your story fits with the requirements of the issue you’re submitting for. For example, if you submit a vampire story when we’re looking for work on Dragon Slaying, it will be rejected no matter how good it might be. If you think your story might fit but is unusual or contains a mix of genres, feel free to submit it and let us decide, but please include a brief explanation of why you thought it merited consideration.

5) Unsung Tales does not publish erotica, period. We don’t mind convention-challenging work, but gratuitousness for the sake of shock value won’t be accepted. Violence, sexual themes, and profanity are permitted, though if your story reads like a Navy sailor fresh off a tour of duty, we may request an edit. The same goes for gratuitous sexuality or violence. These standards are intentionally vague, as each story will be evaluated on its own merits. Christian fiction is also accepted, though we ask that it be tonally and thematically Christian. Didactic fiction of any sort (fiction that explains its own theme directly to the audience or uses the story as excuse to preach) will not be considered.