Short Stories

Kyreeth Ralor discovers that mages are viewed with suspicion by the people of Nulor – the hard way. When he is driven out of his village, he takes refuge in the wilderness, stumbling across a long-lost underground city. But he quickly learns all is not well even in an abandoned metropolis. The very walls seem to hum with power, and nameless whispers lurk everywhere. Something has disturbed the souls of the departed. And when the dead can find no rest, what hope could the living have?

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The oldest document in Numalorian history is nothing but a fragment dating to the middle of the First Age. It contains an account of the man widely considered to be the first Hero and the struggle which the human community encountered in the early years after their arrival on Numalorian shores. Not only do we learn of the first generation of mages and of the strife between men and elves, but we are also provided with our only glimpse of the dark power that first ruled Numaloria, a shadowy creature known only as the Fellwraith.

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Asfiel’s only goal in life was to prove to her father that she was as capable as the son he never had. But when their hunting trip is cut short by a fierce storm, they are forced to take shelter in an abandoned mine high in the mountains. Something is stirring in the deep places of the world, and Asfiel must quickly take up a new goal – survival.  ”The Lost Mine” is a short story set in A. T. Ross’s fantasy world Numaloria.

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