Our operating policies.

  • Privacy policy. We don’t collect any information from you beyond what any website collects automatically. No information is sold or given out to any third party whatsoever, without exception.
  • Submissions policy. We are currently closed to manuscript submissions and this is unlikely to change in the near future. Thank you for your interest.
  • Dealer Information. Our discount schedule and dealer information for bookstores and other distributors may be found here.
  • Returns policy. Because we only offer our books through distributors like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, we cannot assist in returning or exchanging damaged books. You can deal with returns through those carriers, who are very good at what they do.
  • E-book policy. We offer our e-books without DRM for the convenience of our readers. We understand that things happen and e-books can be deleted, corrupted or lost. Because this is the case, if for any reason you lose your copy of a Brackburn Publishing e-book, simply email us with the receipt of purchase you received in your email, and we will send you a replacement in any format you wish. (This does not apply to paper versions of books. For returns or refunds on paper books, seek this through the Amazon or Barnes and Noble returns channel.)
  • Any changes to our policies will be posted here. Last modification 7/23/2013.