Dealer Information

For bookstores and other businesses looking to purchase in bulk, here is our discount schedule.

  • 1-5 books: 40% off cover price, plus freight costs.
  • 6-11 books: 45% off cover price, plus freight costs.
  • 12 or more books: 45% off cover price, plus free shipping.
  • Mix and match titles however you like. The numbers above refer to physical copies, not number of titles.
  • This discount schedule is applicable to paper copies only.

How it Works

Simply email us at with the number and list of titles you’re ordering and the address you would like them shipped to. Once your payment has been received the order will be shipped direct to your door.

All payments must be received in advance. Brackburn Publishing does not run accounts receivable.

No returns. Brackburn Publishing does not accept returns, save in the event of damage for paper books. In the event of shipping damage to paper books, the books may be returned through the returns system through which they were printed and shipped (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.).

  • This dealer information last updated 7/24/2013