About Us

Brackburn Publishing is a small, independent publisher committed to bringing to readers some of the finest genre fiction available, from fantasy, adventure, science fiction, and beyond. Birthed from a love of good stories well told, we hope to grow to be a trusted source for quality fiction in this new era of publishing.

Our Authors

A. T. Ross has been writing fantasy since the age of fifteen, after a childhood filled with Beowulf and hunting for secret passageways. He’s the author of eleven novels, six of which have been published. He holds a B.A. in English Literature from Marietta College and an A.A. in History from Washington State Community College. He lives and writes from the muggy valleys of Ohio.


James S. Howard is an avid fan of science fiction, especially space opera, and horror, and is at work on several novels. He lives in Ashwood, Oregon.


Estelle Jia writes literary fiction and mystery/crime, and lives in California.